A&E, Tacoma

This is the JAYSON Property report for Jason. It sort of goes back a few years when we first met Jason we found him to be a very honest person. We were looking at a house further down the road, he gave us all the pros & cons, for & against etc and we found him to be quite honest so when it came to selling this one we had no hesitation in looking for Jason and asking him to sell this home for us. All our negations have been really good, upfront, we’ve been able to say exactly how we feel which is what you need to do and we got a good price and we’re very happy. At no stage did Jason get upset with us he wasn’t pressuring us & we weren’t pressuring him. No I have to say I would recommend him for any future or for anyone else who is looking to purchase or sell in the area as he knows it very well. He’s been here virtually all his life as we understand. Jason kept us informed in every visit with communication and looked after the house very well. Communication was very good we felt we never had to bother you, we could always depend on you to call back and let us know exactly what was going on and so that was a good feeling.  He didn’t lie to us at any stage, he told us the truth, in all honestly I don’t bull around, I would recommend you to anyone. I have no hesitation in using Jason again and recommending Jason to anyone, which we will do. He had a very hard property to sell. Thank you once again mate, you did a damn fine job. A & E, Tacoma.